About Us

Infinity is a premier training institute for in – service, pre –service teachers and educators. It also provides opportunity to schools to hire teachers who can lead new and transformative agenda of the school with a blend of innovation and creativity.

Our programmes are designed to empower teachers with teaching processes and methods to bring out the best in a child.

The training is geared towards individualized instruction for addressing learning needs and providing opportunities to create stress- free learning. Proven research- based processes and innovative methods of teaching help teachers create interventions to meet diverse needs of the class. Assessment methods based on the premise ‘Compete with Yourself’ rather than with others, emphasizes on progress and effort rather than grades. Personalised work plans and feedback techniques inspire each individual to introspect on effort put in and
progress made.

Team Infinity

The Infinity Training House is an amalgamation of experienced principals, administrators, psychologists, experienced teachers and organizational development consultants.

Dr. Debi Prasanna Mohanty

Mrs. Smaranika Panda

Dr. Debasmita Sahu

Ms. Rozalina Satapathy

Mr. Barada Prasad Paikray

Mr. Anil Kumar Patnaik

Dr. Sushanta Kumar Pradhan

Dr. Malaya R. Pati

Dr. Jayanti Mishra

Mr. Hemanta K Seth

Mr. Manoj Kumar Jha

Mrs. Archana Agrawal



Venue – Pal Heights Mantra, BBSR, ODISHA
Date – 08 Februry 2020
Time – 09:00 Hrs to 16:00 Hrs