Training Modules

Teacher Training Programmes

Teaching Mathematics & Sciences

Teaching Social Science

Teaching Values

Generalized Training programmes

Note: – above is only an indicator list and customized training programs can so be conducted to meet the school needs.

Students and Parent Sessions

Choosing the right career

Understanding Adolescence

Resolving conflicts

Focusing & Listening

Establishing Realisations

Moving out of comfort zones

Creating safe connections

Understanding oneself through introspection

Enhancing Thinking skill

School Management Training Programmes

Leadership Training Programmes

Conflict Resolution Training Programmes

School Affiliation Training Programmes

Enhancing Parent school Relationships

Financial Management Training Programmes

Assessment & Evaluation Methodologies

Staff Evaluation & Performance Appraisal

Enrichment Programmes

Young Author Programmes

Art Appreciation Programmes

Young Scientist Programmes

Home Work help

Foreign Language Learning Programmes

Problem Solving Learning Programmes

Enrichment of imagination

Gifted and Talented students Enrichment Programmes

Filling the Gaps of compacting Programmes

Enrichment Programmes

School Trips ‒ Historical , Cultural

Social Interaction Trips

Human Value enchantment Trips

Rural Trips

Ecological Trips

International Visits

Adventure Tourism

Holiday with a purpose Trips

School Visit Trips

Agri tour Trips



Venue – Pal Heights Mantra, BBSR, ODISHA
Date – 08 Februry 2020
Time – 09:00 Hrs to 16:00 Hrs